Should we be War-ried?

We elected him as the President to end our wars, and as he has drifted throughout his second term, he is now transforming into a President that is leading us into war once more. We are going back to where we came from – we have officially come full circle. And isn’t that the most ironic thing of all?

A Public Apology

Never forget the nine most important words: I love you. You are beautiful. Please forgive me. – Jackson Brown Jr. This past Thursday, the most important person in my life came home. Some might call him the great love of my life, the Big to my Carrie (although I can’t stand Carrie – so we’ll […]


When I’m away, I will remember how you kissed me under the lamppost back on Sixth street. Hearing you whisper through the phone, wait for me to come home. – Ed Sheeran, Photograph In a little over two weeks, someone incredibly important and incredibly special to me is finally coming home. This is for him. […]

Is the World Cup Masking Brazil’s True Identity?

As the longstanding tradition of soccer unfolds onto Brazil this week, fans could not be more thrilled. If the Brazilian team – a team that has won five times – could achieve victory on their own turf, I am certain soccer fans everywhere would be ecstatic, especially given that Brazil is closely related to the […]

On the Last Night

For Gavin. We kicked rocks along the sidewalk, they scattered out into the darkness. You gave me a piggy back ride home – the fuzz of my slippers brushing up against your thighs, my lips pressed against the back of your neck. And the night sky was clear for once – so clear we could […]