Drunk On You

We had a way of acting drunk without ever actually being it. There was just something about you, I think. Something that made my pupils dilate and my skin warm with beads of sweat that dotted my cheeks like staccato love notes. Maybe it was your bluebird kisses and honey speckled skin, or the alchemy that made you forever young, my love.

Survival of the Fittest: Handling a Broken Heart

Break-ups are no one’s friend. Especially when the love that ends is one that has coursed through us so deep we have forgotten how to swim and are more than okay to drown. And we cannot simply turn off our love – we have to let the hurt course through us just as that love did.

That Summer

Like sungrown nectar, it ripples sweetness across the roof of my mouth. It is no longer a distant memory, but one that loops like the 90 passing suns in front of my film reel lashes. I see porch light stars and know the beauty in salt and sweat on skin under crescent moons. Letting it burrow into your marrow and giving yourself wholly to to another until our veins run with melted colors of vibrancy and zealous infernos.

Commentary: Why Fox’s Series Empire is Taking Over

Empire has found a way to illustrate black culture in a manner that has drawn in a multitude of ethnicities, with 62% of its viewers of African American descent. It is the first time, in a long time – in my humble opinion – that a show did not seek out to please the masses (yet is somehow doing so), but rather it has targeted underserved audiences. Empire is a total paradox. A juxtaposition, if you will.

My Brain at a Justin Timberlake Concert

To celebrate our two year anniversary, my boyfriend decided to spoil me and take me to a Justin Timberlake concert. Now for any normal human being, this would be a great gift. But for me, a woman that has faithfully loved JT for the past 16 years, this gift was BEYOND HUGE. (That’s what she […]