What We Don’t Talk About

Now there’s talk of militarizing the moon. Stripping away whatever purity is left, maybe we are all just broken angels with busted wings. Or maybe all of the angels have come and gone, the devils live here now.

The Baby vs. The iPad

This goes without saying, but nowadays, we are surrounded by technology. Not just surrounded, but it is virtually (get it?) shoved in our faces. Typically, it’s fairly hard for a fully functioning adult to avoid it. However, just because we as adults are surrounded by it does not mean the little younglings need to be […]

Aaron Sorkin is a Genius

The West Wing, Moneyball, The Newsroom., just to name a few. These aforementioned pieces are the works of screenwriter/producer/playwright Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin’s passion for creating smart and witty scripts has made me a fan of his, and my current obsession with The Newsroom can only lead me to believe one thing: Aaron Sorkin is a […]

Where Did the News Go?

As an aspiring journalist, the news, specifically the content presented on television, has been frustrating me as of late. While ABC’s Good Morning America is headlining Justin Bieber’s “bad boy” habits, CNN is busy covering the latest goings-on of the Georges (Zimmerman and Alexander Louis). None of which I consider newsworthy, let alone labeled breaking […]