Like Rain on Warm Pavement

There are strings of white light, dotting the air like stars caught in mason jars. We are an irony, like rain on warm pavement. Unexpected. Absolute. Zero. Value. Magnitude. Floating on a spectrum of fireflies, we are no ordinary galaxy. Find us through telescopes and achromatic lenses.


She found someone new, someone stable; reliable,
An incredible boy that could one day be a wonderful man.
But amidst all of the wonder and awe,
She craved the spark of days past.

My Worst Fear

I was trying not to stare. I was mesmerized. The green and grey flecks amidst your blue eyes met mine. I had no idea who you were, as I stood there at the top of those stairs. The night that I first met you changed my life. Your eyes made me nervous – you made […]