Here lives lie in petals and ornate carvings. And I, I am overtaken by what remains in the lettering my fingertips trace. The flesh on the back of my neck rises in Braille, here among broken ground and still waters. I kiss the names of the sacrificed, and exit under ivory archways.

Find Yourself

Look for yourself in window reflections and broken glass, when you crawl through the cities and scratch your nails against cobblestones. Hunger to know yourself inwardly and outwardly. Rise like a phoenix and sprout wings of fire. Rage against the moon, and see the world through eyes of rose and topaz.


That afternoon we let adventure marinate in our bones. “Let’s just drive until we run out of road.” What lay before us was only a mere separation of land and sky. The heavens’ ocean splashed waves of white foam. Cotton ball clouds soaked up the niagara of a sky fastened with sapphire and indigo.


I wonder if we could run away, rive until the land and sky become one. A blurring of greens, blues, and pinks, our headlights unite our past and present. They illuminate the future we could have – we should have, one we have cowered from for far too long.


She found someone new, someone stable; reliable,
An incredible boy that could one day be a wonderful man.
But amidst all of the wonder and awe,
She craved the spark of days past.