Poetry Excerpts

Although it’s that time of year where we all feel a little extra grateful, we could use a whole lot more of that all year round. You know what else I could use? Some freakin’ inspiration. I’ve had a wee bit of writer’s block for the last couple of days, but below are some excerpts […]


What I’ve come to realize is this:
You are the stars;
And I have wished upon you for so long.
I have wished for you for so long.
I left my gaze looking up,
But I never knew I had to wade through the darkness,
Only to find a light that has shimmered so brightly.

If Only

If only you knew the power you have over me. Not in a controlling way, but in one where I feel my heart tug when you are not around. Where I catch my breath when you whisper my name. Where I understand that some sort of heaven exists when my lips are between yours.

Morning Conversations

It was more than the cool mist giving me goose bumps now.
It was abrupt, unexpected,
An interruption in the middle of my sentence.
And yet your eyes held such gentleness,
Soft, tender – you looked at me as if
you wanted to take care of me for the rest of forever.

Remember Me

Do not forget the love that we shared.
Do not forget how you
shaped my heart and healed my wounds.
I shall not forget how you filled
my empty life with such living,
If you promise not to forget
the scent of my perfume on your pillow.